How We Do IT

If we strive for perfection, we will achieve excellence.

While CDW’s founder Michael Krasny was building the company from tiny start-up into a multi-billion-dollar business, he compiled a list of guiding principles—principles that remain at the core of every decision CDW makes today.

They begin with the belief that “People do business with people they like.” Which is why CDW actively recruits top IT graduates, hires the industry’s most experienced technology experts, partners with business entrepreneurs and educators, and engages military veterans with battlefield experience… because we want to surround our customers with talented individuals who have not only walked a mile in your shoes but understand and are committed to providing you with solutions that work.

In fact, many customers have remained loyal to CDW for decades because they know we aren’t satisfied with past successes. Instead, we’ve been focusing on providing advanced solutions and service in areas like cloud computing, mobility, security, virtualization and networking.

You see, at CDW, we believe if we strive for perfection, we will achieve excellence. That’s a win-win for everyone.