Our Commitment

CDW offers an inclusive work environment that leverages diverse perspectives in order for coworkers to excel and drive CDW’s success.

Just as solid and dependable technological solutions require many components to maximize capability, so does our approach to diversity and inclusion. The very name of our diversity and inclusion practice – Connections@CDW – suggests that it’s all about making solid and dependable connections in the workplace, with our customers and supplier partners, and in our communities. We seek to:

  • Promote a team conscience that is inclusive and reflective of the markets we serve
  • Foster diverse thought and an inclusive work environment that enables each coworker to excel
  • Provide our customers with the best talent to understand and meet their unique needs
  • Leverage a diverse supplier network that adds value and innovation to our business.

Valuing diversity is an important priority for CDW. We believe that it is more than just the right thing to do. We believe that it is critical for overall organizational health and well being.